Citystars Urban Resort Projects
With the government opening up Egypt’s property sector to the international market, the country has seen a boom in real estate.

This has seen the development of major new communities across the city and out into the suburbs for people who wanted a quieter life away from the city centre.
With this in mind, Citystars Properties filled the gap with Citystars Heliopolis, Cairo. The integrated mixed-use nature of Citystars Heliopolis made it an automatic choice for business, leisure, shopping and entertainment. Citystars Properties was able to combine the best elements of work and play into one location that became an instant hit as the city’s favoured destination.

Building on this success, Citystars is expanding to redefine other parts of Egypt in the same way that it has redefined Cairo by delivering a unique lifestyle. This resulted in Citystars Katameyah and Citystars 6th of October. The state-of-the-art projects, covering the east and west of Cairo, offer choices that include upscale shopping, extensive entertainment, luxury hotels, office and business suites and luxurious living.